Bike Service Shop

Service and Repairs

All our repairs are carried out to the highest standard by our qualified and highly experienced mechanics. Getting you back on the road is our utmost priority. Please have a look at our workshop pricelist, or alternatively drop in or call us with any questions.

Complete Service

  • Safety check on tyres for wear and damage and inflate to correct pressure.
  • Check gear cables and casings for wear, oil gear cables and casings for wear, oil brake cables, check and adjust cables for maximum braking.
  • Safety check on front and rear brake blocks for wear and damage.
  • Check front and rear wheel hubs and adjust axle cones to correct tightness if required.
  • Check trueness of front and rear wheels.
  • Check bottom bracket axle for wear, tighten if possible or advise on replacement.
  • Check rear sprocket, chain and chainwheel for wear.
  • Tighten right and left cranks.
  • Tighten pedals.
  • Tighten Handlebars, handlebar stem, seat and seat post.
  • Check Frame and forks for evidence of external cracks.
  • Tighten and adjust all other nuts and bolts.
  • Supply and Fit New Tube – €15.00
  • Supply and Fit New Gear or Brake Cable – €20.00(excluding new cable casing)
  • Repair Buckle in Front or Rear Wheel – €20.00(+ €1 each new spoke)
  • Fit New Pedals or Toe Clips – €15.00(+ cost of pedals or toe clips)
  • Fit Pair Brake Pads (hydraulic system) – €15.00(+ cost of pads)
  • Fit New Pair Brake Blocks – €10.00(+ cost of brake blocks)