The Bike to Work Scheme

Save up to 52% on any bike

The Bike to Work Scheme is a Government run scheme to incentivise cycling and commuting to work.

The Cycle to Work Scheme, also known as the Bike to Work Scheme, is a program initiated by the government to encourage people to commute to work by cycling. The scheme offers a financial incentive for individuals to purchase a bicycle and related accessories.

By participating in the scheme, you can save up to 52% on the cost of a new bike. The scheme works by allowing employers to provide employees with a tax-free loan to purchase a bicycle and accessories up to a certain value. The employee then pays back the loan through salary deductions over a set period of time. By promoting cycling as an alternative means of commuting, the scheme aims to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution while promoting a healthy lifestyle.


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Everything you need to know

How does it work?

Call in to our shop and with the help of our staff choose the bike that is right for you.

We will then send you a Bike to Work Scheme quote to your email

You must then send this quote or invoice to your employer and they will pay for the bike on your behalf

This then goes through payroll minus the tax (saving) and you can choose your repayments - 1 months, 3months, 6 months, 12 months.

You will save your tax rate so between 31% and 52%

Your employer does not have to take part in the scheme.

"The Bike to Work Scheme has been a great investment for me. By purchasing a new bike and accessories at a reduced cost, I have been able to avoid traffic and stay healthy by cycling to work. The scheme is a great way to save money and reduce one's carbon footprint. I highly recommend the Bike to Work Scheme to anyone who wants to make a positive impact on their health."

Cathal O'R


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Further Info

The Cycle to Work Scheme is designed to promote cycling as a means of commuting to and from work. It offers an incentive to employees by allowing their employer to purchase a bicycle and safety equipment on their behalf, which is not taxable.

The limits on the scheme depend on the type of bicycle purchased, with the maximum being €3,000 for cargo and ecargo bikes, €1,500 for pedelecs and ebikes, and €1,250 for other bikes. The scheme covers new bicycles and pedelecs, cargo and ecargo bicycles, and related safety equipment, such as helmets, lights, and locks. However, it does not cover motorbikes, scooters, mopeds, second-hand bicycles, or associated equipment.

To participate in the scheme, employees need to inquire whether their employer offers it, and what their requirements are, such as the type of bicycle and equipment and from which shop. Payment can be arranged through a 'salary sacrifice' over an agreed period, and the scheme can only be used once every four years for qualifying journeys between an employee's home and normal place of work.

WEEE Recycling

Dublin2Bike will take back your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis, free of charge at the time of delivery or at our store) as long as they are of equivalent type to that sold by us. You are not obliged to make any purchase when returning old batteries. Each local authority must also accept household WEEE and small batteries free of charge at its recycling facilities. All WEEE and waste batteries must be recycled and should not be placed in any of your household wheelie bins. Make sure you always recycle all your old electrical goods and batteries. Further information can be found on