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Get your bike running like new again with Dublin2Bike's expert repair service. Our skilled technicians will adjust your gears, brakes, and other components, leaving your bike in top condition. Trust us to keep you riding smoothly and safely!

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Our experienced mechanics can handle everything from basic repairs such as tire changes and brake adjustments, to more complex repairs or bike rebuilds. We also offer services such as tune-ups and wheel truing to ensure that your bike is running smoothly and efficiently.

Service Price Additional Charges
Supply and fit new tube €18.00 (enclosed chainguard by quotation)
Fit new tyre €10.00 Plus cost of tyre
Supply & fit new gear or brake cable €25.00 (excluding new cable casing)
Fit new pair brake blocks €10.00 Plus cost of brake blocks
Fit pair brake pads (hydraulic system) €15.00 Plus cost of pads
Hydraulic brake bleed €30.00 Plus oil cost
Fit bottom bracket axle €35.00 Plus cost of axle
Fit rear sprocket and chain €35.00 Plus cost of new sprocket and chain
Fit rear or front derailleur €30.00 Plus cost of derailleur
Fit rear or front axle €20.00 Plus cost of axle
Fit handlebar tape €20.00 Plus cost of tape
Dropout fitting €25.00 Plus cost of part
Fit left-hand crank €20.00 Plus cost of crank
Fit chain wheel €25.00 Plus cost of chain wheel
Fit chain rings €25.00 Plus cost of chain rings
Repair chain €15.00 Plus cost of chain link
Repair buckle in front or rear wheel €25.00 Plus €2 each new spoke
Fit new front forks €35.00 Plus cost of forks
Fit new pedals or toe clips €15.00 Plus cost of pedals or toe clips
Fit mudguards (clip on type) €15.00 Plus cost of mudguards
Fit mudguards (permanent style) €20.00 Plus cost of mudguards
Fit carrier €15.00 Plus cost of carrier
Fit child seat €20.00 Plus cost of seat
Fit new rear wheel €20.00 Plus cost of wheel
Fit new rear wheel €20.00 Plus cost of wheel
Fit new front wheel €15.00 Plus cost of wheel
Break bike and box €65.00
Rebuild bike €60.00
Supply and fit new tube €18.00
"I couldn't be happier with the service from Dublin2Bike! Thanks to their guidance with the Cycle to Work scheme, I found my perfect bike and commute has never been better."

Tom Smith

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